Hair magic & how it started ✨

In the beginning …. Neeneeey First started as a hair stylist assistant at Silver Creek Beauty Salon, off Cawthra road and Dundas in Miss. On. That is when she discovered her passion for hair, make up and nails! While taking a dual credit co-op course she was giving the opportunity to learn the introdution to spa management at Humber N. Campus. In 2015 She followed through her goals and took courses at Marca College where she learned the steps to become a master stylist! 💯





Take a look at this hella gorgeous client ! blown out to perfection just the way she expected. Neeneeey took her time making sure her client got the service she deserves #beautyqueen #hellaflawless

Before ~

Talented is all aspects Neeneeey most favourite thing to do is cut on point ! ✂️💯


Before and after #hellaflawless

“I take pride in what I do! Understanding what will suit you best! Xo❤️”

Natural volume at its best!

Who needs heat to be voluminous!


Neeneeey kn

ew where she needed to be to get attraction and experience!  That’s when she ended up down town Toronto!

                  Beautiful balayage

Side view 👑


Beach vibes 🏖️ Let’s get trendy 🌺

Long hair (style)

Med length hair (style)

Short hair (style, cut & colour)

Neeneeey has now discovered her new style obsession #beachwaves 🌊

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