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Beauty is and essential in life! I mean let’s face it when we look good.. We feel good. —-‘—, -(@

There are certain rules in beauty we must stand by! Especially with make-up



3-texture & blend

4-color & style

=finished result!

Before preparing your canvas ask yourself what you see. Plan a design in your mind before starting the application. Once you see what you want apply.

With make up you want to pick an area of your face you want to define! If it’s eyes, you chose dramatic shadows with liner.

When Exentuating the lips you would use a dark lip shade and be light on the eye make up!

You don’t want to combine both dark lips with dark eyes, because you will turn out looking a bit sloppy.

Unless your one of those %10 of people who can totally pull it off!!!

Saying that I mean I seen some girls slay that look; looking like a total beauty queen πŸ’„πŸ‘‘

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Soon #he11aflaw1ess will have a YouTube channel with tutorials for latest beauty tips and tricks!!

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