The loving Monster

*Note this was written in a time of depair! }*{Love yourself! Love Life! Be Unique!*

This monster in me  

Gnawing at my brain and making it bleed 

In pain and Depressed so I decided to sleep, 

woke up from a nightmare with borderline personality, 

see my dreams collide with reality making solidity hard to see 

Emotionless cloudy thoughts my soul is drained empty 

Its hard to love me or this image I see, when all I see is tragedy 

Major Trauma chopped me down forcing me to misery 

Like an axe would a tree, my mind cut by negativity 

In my head I’ve become a victim to greed 

Surrounded by darkness unable to see, I suddenly fell straight to my knees 

No source of light lost with this mental disease 

A casualty of PTSD eternal pain, flash backs, numbing anxiety 

Panic attacks loss of control instantly I become weak 

Terrified of the world shaking till I drop to my feet 

Curled in a ball head down I hide alone from humanity 

Avoiding eye contact I was afraid what they’d see 

this monster in me, this monster in me 

is taking over my personality 

I sit as I wonder what could it be? what could it be this monster in me? 

A perfectionist diagnosed as OCD  

 Nobody can see this monster in me  

No only I can see that monster because that monster is me 


A Loving Monster 2019©

IMG_20190301_145139664-EFFECTS photography-Edit
-clouded 2019© 

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