Don’t cut just yet!?…πŸ’…

Have you ever grown out your nails for them to break ??? … If you have I bet u almost cried 😭 I know I have !.. but I figured out the cure πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈΒ  Don’t cut! I repeat “do not cut” the break just yet.

1. To fix the problem first Lightly buff the nail where it broke. Make sure to smooth out the area with minimal no no pressure making sure you aren’t abbrasive to the nail bed. Depending on nails type 180 grit and lower. (I like using a crystal nail file to prevent further damage) .

2. To seal the deal πŸ˜‰ Next step is partially up to you! For me I think a gel polish hold up best. Anyway next you will be applying a polish/glue of any type ex. Gel polish, nail glue, and of course regular nail strengthener polish if first 2 aren’t available. Keep in mind regular nail polish isnt as effective but will help if desperate. (Don’t forget to stay with the application process steps if using gel polish)

3. And last but deffenitely not least! Make sure to moisturize your nail beds !!! This is a MUST!!! Moisturizing you nails is the πŸ”‘ to healthy nails . So saying that after reading this grab that moisturizer you own and start moisturizing them nail beds!

*Also use a cuticle oil (if you do not own a cuticle oil; olive oil works as one)

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