Success comes with time πŸ€‘β³

The key to life is time! Time is a virtue . Alot of us take Avantage of time and don’t encourage ourselves to do what we think is best for our future and Instead we live in the moment and forget we are capable of doing what ever it is we set our mind to. Think about it … Alot of the people jump to what they are used to and don’t give themselves a chance to be better because they’re are afraid of the worst!… I’ve been there trust me !

I mean have you ever looked to apply somewhere you thought you’d fit in then see the credentials needed, Then press the back button because you figure your not good enough? next thing you know your flipping burgers at bk … Yup we’ve all been there ….

But what if …what if we just said screw it! I’ll try anyway . By ignoring the voice telling you you can’t you eliminate the feeling of worthlessness. I mean What’s the worst that can happen right ? You don’t get the job… at that point who cares because now your mind will be motivated to keep trying until you reach your goal. Also, what if by fluke you got the job! I mean it can happen right!

I guess my message I’m trying to portray is: reach for the stars because you are good enough and can do anything you set your mind to!

Patience and time is all we need to succeed !

Yours truly ,

Neeneeey πŸ’ŽπŸ’πŸ‘‘

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